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Texts, images, files, audio, video, forms... Make your content more attractive and effective with:

Quidzi, The Universal Content Player

As authors, creators, team leaders and organizations 

that produce and share content 

to develop talent and mutual knowledge

...Easily create structured, interactive, reusable and remixable playlists
with all types of content to perfectly fit each of your audiences.

  • Create content directly, or import all types of documents,
  • Co-author with your teams or experts,
  • Define your audiences,
  • Create reusable components to instantly update all your content
  • Get feedback in real time,
  • Organize your learning path, …
  • Let your content be simply played by your audience

Because today your communication should be as easy and pleasant for your audience as listening to a music playlist

Collect • Create • Arrange • Share • Play !

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