We designed Quidzi to be the super simple,
very flexible and highly visual application
to communicate great content

Our Goal

Effective presentations … Yes, but with much more interactivity and better results.
Our main goal is to create the most flexible tool to quickly communicate valuable content and know-how.
This beta release is a foundation, a groundwork to target that goal. Most of the applications available are one-way tools. Quidzi, as an interactive platform, is designed to be a daily tool for great sales and marketing presentations, to test product versions, for internal meetings, reports and job descriptions, to manage projects but also to align content and team learning. As an employee or freelance, Quidzi will also help you create, find and suggest great content and presentations for future jobs or functions.

As part of our vision, expect Quidzi to be powerful but also easy and, yes, fun to use.

The Story

Alain Marsily and Vincent Dumont have known each other for 20 years. Very early on, they worked together. After Alain sold his business, they remained close friends even though they both took different professional paths.

Mid 2020, Alain was looking to create a team for a new presentation and knowledge management project. After a few meetings, both believe in new opportunities and potentials in the Presentation but also in EdTech & HRTech markets.

Three months later, they test and compare numerous applications while designing several mockups of “their” future application (code name: “SkillPass”). From time to time, they also met and listened to many executives, trainers, learners…

SkillPass insights received a lot of concrete and enthusiastic feedback due to its new approach to showcase, share, communicate and value internal know-how and team knowledge, creating new immediate benefits for users.

SkillPass is different because it is not a classic interactive presentation tool per se, but a personal or team tool for a modern and agile working environment.

Believing that a simple, powerful, and smart app can change the way people add value to their roles, jobs and passions, we interviewed developers and decided to start app development in January 2021 in a full bootstrap minding.

In October 2021, the team plans to release a closed beta to selected users.

Because of its great versatility and its openness to talented creators active in many sectors (management, organizations, SMB, education, coaching, etc.), we have also renamed it “Quidzi”.

What's next

The October Beta’s launch is the result of thousands of hours of conversations, brainstorming sessions, and meetings. We’ve worked to create something that can increase and share your company and team’s best strengths anytime. But it’s just the start. As we continue building Quidzi, we want to hear from you. We’re on this journey together, and we can’t wait to show more during this beta period.

As per today, the team is still small and agile : we are 2 co-founders and 4 devs including UI/UX working together since months.

Yes, we plan to hire additional profiles in Belgium but also international talents. Part of our team is located in USA and in Europe.


As co-founders, we have chosen to finance Quidzi. We realize that introducing a new app requires a certain mindset to test a vision. In our case, our vision required a great openness that was difficult to manage with outside or early stage investors.

In its beta version, Quidzi already includes many unique features that will suit many users who want to publish relevant content in an innovative and interactive format.

During the beta period, we will consolidate all of Quidzi’s unique features so that its “All in One Studio” for content creators becomes one of the most powerful, interactive and modern applications on the market.

As investor(s), if you too are convinced by our vision, features and growth potential of Quidzi, do not hesitate to contact us to be kept informed of our progress. Despite our bootstrap approach, we are also convinced that adequate funding from key investors will accelerate our growth.

The Team on LinkedIn

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.
Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”… (Confucius)